It's Time For You To Enjoy The Sunrrom Of your Dreams from Maryland's and Deleware's Largest Installer of Sunroooms - Patio Enclosures  

Enjoy a the Outdoors Year Round with a Custom Solarium. Call Today for More Information.

The Curved-Eave Solarium from Patio Enclosures, Inc. allows you and your family the joy, openness, and tranquility of the outdoors while providing a unique curved transition from the roof to the front panels. The Curved-Eave Solarium can be ordered with either a 30" or 38" wide bays for maximum coverage and beauty. As with all solariums, the Curved-Eave Solarium can be thermally controlled while using the sun's natural warmth.

For added comfort, we also recommend our Solar Shading System and accessories to help control the light on bright sunny days or to provide a shady get-away from the sun. Patio Enclosures, Inc. can also install a heating and air-conditioning system to your Solarium for added comfort in accordance with local building codes . To maximize energy efficiency, we recommend adequate ventilation and a door to close the solarium off from the rest of the house.

This unique curved-eave design comes with 1" thick dual-sealed insulated glass. Our custom-manufactured glass features a high-tech coating to block out the sun's direct light and glare. All Solarium windows can be upgraded to the Comfort-Gard® and the Comfort-Gard Plus® for excellent solar control and thermal performance. Both the Comfort-Gard® and the Comfort-Gard Plus® glass help protect your furniture or carpet from fading by reducing the damaging effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays.

A Solarium can become a family room, a tranquil escape or a year-round greenhouse. We would be happy to work with you to build a room to suite your home, lifestyle and budget. Our Design Consultants will also be there to provide helpful tools and resources to make the buying process painless.

Escape with a Straight-Eave Solarium

Imagine being able to entertain your guests under the stars or retreat into nature's beauty with a glass of wine in your new Straight-Eave Solarium from Patio Enclosures, Inc.

To ensure year round comfort the Straight-Eave Solarium comes with strong aluminum glazing bars, available in 3.2", 4.2", 5.2" and 8.6" depths, providing maximum structural integrity. Our Solariums feature thermal breaks throughout to prevent temperature transfer from the outdoors to the indoors.

The uniqueness of the Straight-Eave design allows for variations in the pitch of the roof to accommodate any style of home or business. The bays of the Straight Eave Solarium are also custom-manufactured to fit your home and lifestyle.

The Straight-Eave Solarium also comes with standard 1" thick dual-sealed insulated glass and can be upgraded to Super High-Performance glass for the utmost comfort. To complement the design and beauty of your home, the Straight-Eave Solarium is available in white, bronze and sandstone. We also recommend our ComfortView aluminum rolling doors and windows for maximum ventilation and comfort.

If you would like to escape into the comforts of a Straight-Eave Solarium, contact one of our Design Consultants for a free, no-obligation quote and design consultation.

Solariums Offer You A Breathtaking View of Nature

Escape into the twilight with your family in a Solarium from Patio Enclosures, Inc. Since a Solarium is designed with all windows you will be able to watch the magic of the season transform right before your eyes. A Solarium is also bright and open, so it is the perfect place for a peaceful getaway, casual living space, or spa enclosure.

With the Solarium's open glass environment you benefit from the sun's natural light and warmth. Also with the proper glass, your Solarium becomes the perfect place for growing flowers or plants. We offer two Solarium styles for our customers to select from, the Straight-Eave Solarium and Curved Eave Solarium . All Solariums can come with a heating/air-conditioning system for added comfort throughout the year.


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